I have a small story to tell…..


As someone was passing by the elephants, he suddenly stopped, confused by the fact that these huge magnificent creatures were being held by only a rope tied to their legs. It was obvious that the elephants could at anytime break away from the ropes they were tied to and run free but for some reason, they did not. So he asked a nearby caretaker why these beautiful, majestic, so powerful animals just stood there and made no attempt to get away. Continue reading


Search for the Holy Grail..Inner Peace

We go to extreme lengths searching for this Holy Grail following many different gurus, paths and methods yet not truly finding out how we will reach it. We try accumulating things and people in our lives, improving our living conditions, reaching for the most comfortable way of life, finding the highest paid job, perfect life partner etc. but after living in that state for sometime it dawns you that you haven’t found the Inner Peace yet.

What you realise is that you have been accumulating all these things around to fill a gap you feel deepening in your core. In fact you are not searching for peace but you are running away from it and mostly from yourself. We have become so afraid to be alone with ourselves. We’ve become afraid to really look deep in to ourselves and find out who really lives there deep inside us.

We surround ourselves with technology, internet and gadgets so we can keep ourselves occupied and distracted all the time. We keep pushing our true emotions down under and continue to live a pretend character that we believe the society will approve of. Until these tucked away stuff that you didn’t want to look at make its way up to the surface ten folded in the form of mental and physical sickness. Continue reading