Child play and Enlightenment


Have you as a kid gone in to your room when you’re asked to tidy up your toys and put them away and then upon finding all these other toys forgotten you’ve had, ended up playing a whole new game forgetting all about why you came in to the room in the first place? If you haven’t at least you must know or heard of a kid who does it. My daughter does that all the time. That reminds me that, what she is reflecting is a micro version of what’s going on with us humans at macro level.

We are (at least most of us consciously ) embarked on this journey to find our root, core, Source or God or where we come from. We all yearn  to be with that is what we call God or Source. So we’ve realised that we need to go deeper, deeper than our flesh and blood and even deeper than our mind to find this Source. We have hundreds or if not thousands of many different ways to do this and meditation comes on top of almost in every belief system we have.
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