In the middle of nowhere…



We are currently passing a period which you can call “in the middle of nowhere”. You must be feeling this when you go about your daily life that one minute things seems to be flourishing you feel like finally you got the hang of it and the next you are feeling lost you have no idea where you are related to the rest of the world. You can see this all around you too. People are acting way too crazier than their usual craziness totally out of their good behaviour boundaries.

It was upsetting to see there have been quite a bit of mud slinging going on in the lightworker communities as I’ve never seen before. Yes we all get frustrated, sad and hurt all part of our human experience. When you decided to to wake up and become a wayshower or a lightworker to be the light that shines for everyone else to follow through you also made a choice to live from your heart and make a conscious living out of “love”. Yes energies are crazy and cloud your judgment but you have been on this path long enough to understand that’s exactly when you should be taking a step back and observe what you are doing and what you are saying. Does my action comes from a place of love and compassion or fear and hatred? If you are still confused and still hard to decide just know this basic simple truth; if you are in a place of love and compassion you cannot attack, insult, look down on or have negative thoughts or feelings about another. That’s not only a lack of professionalism but a sign you are not where you think you are. Continue reading


Child play and Enlightenment


Have you as a kid gone in to your room when you’re asked to tidy up your toys and put them away and then upon finding all these other toys forgotten you’ve had, ended up playing a whole new game forgetting all about why you came in to the room in the first place? If you haven’t at least you must know or heard of a kid who does it. My daughter does that all the time. That reminds me that, what she is reflecting is a micro version of what’s going on with us humans at macro level.

We are (at least most of us consciously ) embarked on this journey to find our root, core, Source or God or where we come from. We all yearn  to be with that is what we call God or Source. So we’ve realised that we need to go deeper, deeper than our flesh and blood and even deeper than our mind to find this Source. We have hundreds or if not thousands of many different ways to do this and meditation comes on top of almost in every belief system we have.
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Beyond the filtration of Ego….

We know that before coming to this earthly experience you were connected and one with all that is, that we call Source/ God with all your super power abilities and insights intact. Truth is we still are connected and was never disconnected; but there is a strong filter/veil in place between Source and us maintaining the illusion that we are separate individuals from Source and each other. This filter works so well that we have been living in a state of amnesia not remembering our original state or any previous lives we’ve lived prior to this. It was agreed and necessary for us to go through the amnesia in order to forget who we really are to make the Earthly experience a real one.

We call this filter that separate you from Source/God “Ego”. Yes your ego driven personality is your new identity in this game we call “Life on Earth” and gives you the illusion that you’re a separate entity from the rest of the existence. Ego’s purpose is to give the ocean the limited feel of a bottle of water, the space.. the limited feel of a bottle of oxygen. We really have squeezed our enormous selves in to these very limited physical bodies. Or the ego gives us that feeling….ever felt like you are trapped in a tiny box and wanted to break free? Continue reading