“I” Emerged

A note to self ❤

Library of Capricorn

“I” emerged…!


For weeks or even months it felt like I was under water and there was a thick layer of ice frozen on the surface so I couldn’t break it free, or I was like this seedling trying to come out of earth but I was actually under a concrete. I could sense the Sun on the other side calling me but something was holding me back. I wish someone could break the ice from the other side or remove the concrete so I can move up. That’s the best metaphor I can think of closest explains how I felt.

In 3D reality I knew we are all going through these energetic/magnetic cosmic changes but there was something holding up. Awareness didn’t make it any easier. Specially when I could see while I am falling over vertigo on my morning walk, having high heart palpitations, feeling like my brain…

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