Lightbody integration and Orbs

Did you ever wonder what it feels like to be an Orb?


I have been away from writing for a long time and have been spending more time on my own inner journey. Every time I felt like I want to write something I see that same message posted in a few other blogs and posts, considering the vast amount of “spiritual information” floating around lately bombarding the spiritual community with so much information than they have time to absorb I decided to stay out of that race.

However….There is something beautiful and magnificent taking place in and around us and I had to break my writing silence for that.

If you have been meditating you must have noticed the feeling of light, floaty inner peace you sometimes encounter during. You also know how you can meditate anytime anywhere by just simply focusing on your “now” moment, without the need for a quiet and comfortable hiding place. I have been practising that for a while now. As a kid I used to have dreams where I feel like a gigantic bubble floating around in space and when I am awake I’d still have that feeling of being enormous for a while.

Lately I have been having this same feeling while I am going about doing my daily chores nothing considered “spiritual” šŸ™‚ . I would be having a conversation with someone and then suddenly get this overwhelming feeling of being inflated or expanded from inside. It is so real sometimes I touch my face to see if I am actually getting inflated. It’s like you have a bubble inside of you and it keeps getting bigger and bigger and you feel lighter and lighter and your whole entity become the bubble. Everything else becomes non important and you are floating in a blissful bubble. Well…you are the blissful bubble as you don’t have the sense of your limbs or organs in your body. You could go on but you start to freak out or become concious of what’s going on and gets pulled back to earth. The thought of your feet not firmly on the ground is a scary thought in 3D human mind.

As I was trying to find the correct words to explain exactly how I feel I got this image of an Orb floating and that felt so familiar and comforting. Suddenly a light bulb went in my head saying “see do you get it? you are the orb !!!” Of course…we are all becoming orbs, the “lightbody integration” is actually happening. We are getting glimpses of it until we get used to the idea fully. We humans like the process of weaning into everything little by little. On the other hand my ego mind pops in and said how can you be an orb? is it even possible? So I kept thinking of more ways of explaining this amazing experience. Has anyone else noticed it?

As I was searching for images of orbs guess what I bumped into? This blog post (will post the link below) done by 2 great QHHT practitioners trained by one and only Dolores Cannon, posted only last month. One of them conducting the session and the other having an experience of being an orb!!! Remember next time you see an orb in a picture or just in front of you they are just here to remind us who we are!

Yes it is possible and make sure you pay attention to how you feel all the time. This feeling/experience could get lost in the day to day noise of life if you’re not paying attention. Doesn’t mean it’s not happening to you but more like when you eat while watching TV you’re still eating but mechanically. If you want to savour the taste and enjoy every bite you need to pay attention.
I guarantee you’ll love it when you feel it.

With Love


Photo credit to Gretchen Rainforest Gusky

Link to the QHHT site


2 thoughts on “Lightbody integration and Orbs

  1. Hi Library of Capricorn, WOW! I’ve felt exactly what you’re describing recently (and now) but never thought of the sensation as my own orb. WOW and WOW again! Of course. Thank you. Blessings, Love and Sparkles, Brenda

    • Thank you Brenda, synchronicity just kept coming at me until I got it šŸ™‚ I see all of us as the pretty colourful orbs in this picture. That’s how we look to the higher dimensions with our true colours. Much love and blessings to you. ā¤

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