Is 5D your final destination? Are we there yet?


If you believe and regard 5th Dimension as your final destination you are in for a shock!! That’s just another layer of the onion, another new paradigm for sure but not your final destination. Your work isn’t over yet. You’ll never be done.

That’s why it is useless to be frustrated over the UFO’s that still haven’t landed on Earth or the so called Disclosure announcements not yet happened by the world leaders despite what you read and hear. So what if the UFO’s land on our grounds tomorrow and the world leaders admit to knowing and in contact with ET’s for many years?? will that make you auto ascend from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th? No..not if you’re still vibrationally stuck in 3rd Dimensional drama. This Ascension isn’t about a rescue mission from 3D to 5D. It is a continuous journey you will be progressing forever upon reaching 5D and more.

You don’t cease to exist ever! Your different forms on different realities will, but the core of who you are will always continue to exist and will continue to evolve. When you think about it, you realise that it’s no short journey from A to B and you’re done! but a very long one. One that we have come a long long way and a long way to go. Might as well take a deep breath and relax before your next move since you are NOT running out of time. You are not late, you are on this journey on your own terms. Only way to make it a pleasant one is by clearing your own way and letting go of your luggage making it less burdensome for you.

If you keep projecting more and more illusions and drama in front of you, all you will be doing is fighting them, solving them and trying to fix them tangling yourself up in more drama. If you want a clear view of your path where you’re headed, stop projecting and feeding illusions into your reality. We need to get out of mental illusions like “if the UFO’s land on our grounds or disclosure happens, everyone will be awakened and we will all be rescued onto 5th Dimension “. Waiting for outside sources to rescue you is giving away your own power and claiming you’re helpless. If hoping for the outside world to change is the only thing you’re doing, it is highly unlikely you will be going anywhere even when it happens. You will be where your focus is.

When you are on the road travelling from one place to another do you let the adverts you see, welcome breaks you stop by for refreshments, various sign posts directing to many other places or change of the wind or the clouds distract you from your designated destination? You observe them and use them to make sure you’re on the right path and continue. You don’t make them your problems or worries that keep you from your destination. Why would you do that with your life’s journey making your observations in your reality distract yourself from reaching your goal? Treat everything you see and hear as those adverts and sign posts and continue your journey.

Let these events unfold when they are meant to be; for they will as nothing stays the same forever. Just focus on how you will be progressing with the changes. Doesn’t matter how the person next to you is doing or the person you regard your guru or teacher is doing, what matters is how you are doing. For it is all about you and you alone.
When each and everyone is focused on their individual self, instead of many other outside events or people, the whole is automatically shifted as we are all one and the same.

With Love



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