“I” Emerged

“I” emerged…!


For weeks or even months it felt like I was under water and there was a thick layer of ice frozen on the surface so I couldn’t break it free, or I was like this seedling trying to come out of earth but I was actually under a concrete. I could sense the Sun on the other side calling me but something was holding me back. I wish someone could break the ice from the other side or remove the concrete so I can move up. That’s the best metaphor I can think of closest explains how I felt.

In 3D reality I knew we are all going through these energetic/magnetic cosmic changes but there was something holding up. Awareness didn’t make it any easier. Specially when I could see while I am falling over vertigo on my morning walk, having high heart palpitations, feeling like my brain is jumping inside my head …..while the rest of the world is passing by without a hitch; people who haven’t the slightest idea of any cosmic change or never heard the term “ascension” running, cycling, going to regular jobs and living their lives as nothing’s changed.

Aren’t we all supposed to be in this together? If we are all going to ascend aren’t we all going through the symptoms of change together at least a few of them? How come I only hear these aches and pains from lightworkers and nobody else? Is it some kind of a lightworker illusion or a syndrome? How come that’s fair..?? the list goes on……And that was my “frozen ice” or the “concrete” that I was pushing against.

After pushing for so long and not succeeding of course I decided to let go and surrender to whatever it is that’s going on because there’s nothing else to do. Isn’t it amazing how life is programmed in such immaculate order so we won’t fall back?

When I woke up this morning feeling triumphant straight away I knew I’ve emerged (breaking free that layer of frozen ice and the rock hard concrete).
Finally….I know “why”! After all these years of wondering and seeking the answer to that “why” from every source I could think of, finally I reached that place where it just dawned on me. How many times I’ve read and said myself that we’re in this together…countless! But the hidden message between those lines is that, we are not going to go through all of it the same way. Some will have the physical discomfort, some will have difficulties in other areas of life and some will have a mixture of all of this while it may appear that some go through life without any of the difficulties. Yes it doesn’t sound fair but if you step away from your own “suffering place” you’ll see it’s like a beehive every single bee has its own task to complete, though some seem to work harder than others it’s a collective achievement. It is essential that individuals or groups attend to different tasks. That’s exactly what we are doing just different roles to complete the whole. And no task is big or small than another. It really doesn’t matter who agrees with you or who doesn’t. Each on his/her own journey.

You know whenever we witness something is out of balance in the world we say “someone has got to do something about it”. Well that someone is “you”!! in my case I am that someone who had already volunteered to be here and now. We all have different strengths and weakness, lifelong passions, challenges we’d set up and we are exactly where we are supposed to be. People having the toughest times with this shift are at the front line leading the way. It’s always going to be felt harder for them than for those following, nevertheless we’re all shifting.

It’s important that we acknowledge, honour and make peace with that place on this great journey. So we flow with it instead of getting dragged.

I love you


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