In the middle of nowhere…



We are currently passing a period which you can call “in the middle of nowhere”. You must be feeling this when you go about your daily life that one minute things seems to be flourishing you feel like finally you got the hang of it and the next you are feeling lost you have no idea where you are related to the rest of the world. You can see this all around you too. People are acting way too crazier than their usual craziness totally out of their good behaviour boundaries.

It was upsetting to see there have been quite a bit of mud slinging going on in the lightworker communities as I’ve never seen before. Yes we all get frustrated, sad and hurt all part of our human experience. When you decided to to wake up and become a wayshower or a lightworker to be the light that shines for everyone else to follow through you also made a choice to live from your heart and make a conscious living out of “love”. Yes energies are crazy and cloud your judgment but you have been on this path long enough to understand that’s exactly when you should be taking a step back and observe what you are doing and what you are saying. Does my action comes from a place of love and compassion or fear and hatred? If you are still confused and still hard to decide just know this basic simple truth; if you are in a place of love and compassion you cannot attack, insult, look down on or have negative thoughts or feelings about another. That’s not only a lack of professionalism but a sign you are not where you think you are.

It is the nature of this “in between” period that you will have old issues you thought you dealt with years ago coming to surface for you to make that final call to let them go. Your insecurities, unworthy feelings, betrayals and all kinds of negative feelings depends on what theme you have been living in the past will arise; but don’t let that haunt you! All you need to do is just see them for what they are and simply release and free yourself of all attachments.

It’s the Universe asking you one last time “Are you completely sure you want to let that one go? or do you want another chance to play with it?” If you miss this perspective and go down the rabbit hole of playing that game yes you will end up not seeing any of your usual friends around, not because you have achieved a major cosmic jump but because you are the only one playing in that rabbit hole and others are moving on with their journey. You don’t need to put down another being to prove that you’ve gone up. More you go up the humble you’d become. If you are humble enough to take a closer look at your own self instead of projecting your frustrations outward you can see where you are and decide if you want out or not. By playing in to dark emotions ( of course your ego will fully support this course giving you cheers and applauding you all the way) you are only diminishing your own light.

There is no shame or sin in identifying you’ve misjudged or misunderstood or doubted. If only you see that all what you perceive as drama in and around you is only part of this passing illusion. Yes they look very real and you feel like you have to do something so you feel like you are the one that comes up as winner.  We are not living in that old “beat or get beaten” paradigm anymore. The truth is there is no win or lose. Everything is just “is”. Even the most experienced, highly skilled and top rated lightworkers can get sucked in to these energies. That’s another lesson for us all that nobody is invincible, we are all in this together. If you get the feeling you are so much better than the others and want to boast it to the whole world, that’s not you! It’s your ego sending you doing its dirty work. Just be the observer and see how funny,foolish and hilarious all this drama looks from that observer’s seat.

This isn’t a time for you to blindly follow this person or that, simply because even those people you look up to go through these crazy phase.  Do your following with your own navigators on. This is a time for you to listen to your own heart.  In times of confusion just be still and listen to your inner voice (not the loud ego) what you want to do next. It will guide you to whatever that serves you the best. Be it meditation, crystals, walk in the nature, play with your kids, listening to inspiring words, music, dancing etc…you’ll be nudged to the way that will serve you best. Listen and watch others with great discernment. When you want to say or do something, think if it is coming from love or hatred? Don’t try to give anyone tough love because that’s a very grey area at this moment…you never know when you’re crossing the line. Have you noticed that all the trustworthy channels that come from love say the same thing over and over again ” What you are naturally is Love; just be love”.

With all my love



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