Child play and Enlightenment


Have you as a kid gone in to your room when you’re asked to tidy up your toys and put them away and then upon finding all these other toys forgotten you’ve had, ended up playing a whole new game forgetting all about why you came in to the room in the first place? If you haven’t at least you must know or heard of a kid who does it. My daughter does that all the time. That reminds me that, what she is reflecting is a micro version of what’s going on with us humans at macro level.

We are (at least most of us consciously ) embarked on this journey to find our root, core, Source or God or where we come from. We all yearn  to be with that is what we call God or Source. So we’ve realised that we need to go deeper, deeper than our flesh and blood and even deeper than our mind to find this Source. We have hundreds or if not thousands of many different ways to do this and meditation comes on top of almost in every belief system we have.

But something else happens when you go deep into meditation; you become aware of things that you were not aware of that existed before. And you get so excited and do the usual thing we always do..keep digging for more of that. Meditation indeed is one of the top methods to silence and relax the mind, eventually helps you raise your vibration levels. Things you start seeing and feeling are just the scenery on the way! This is where we become that kid who found the forgotten toys and get carried away forgetting why we’re there in the first place.

If you see Orbs/UFO’s that’s awesome.. but keep moving, if you can feel electricity passing through your body parts yes that’s cool but don’t stop there. Whatever the special gift or ability you feel that’s just part of the scenery. Don’t go orb hunting or spirit hunting or even looking for out of this world psychedelic experiences. Well you can if you really want to but that’s just delaying your journey IF what you really want is reach your Source/God.

It is tempting when you read about how other people rave about how they see, feel and have special abilities through various different methods and you want to be able to do all that. And most of the time you end up disappointed that you are not there at the same level as others, beating yourself up for not doing enough. Well this is not true though…..

There is no point going deeper and deeper in to meditation (however much good that is) if you are only looking for this excitement and that excitement. What you are doing there is just playing with exciting toys. That’s your mind sending you chasing anything but what you want. Don’t forget your Ego isn’t very stupid (after all you created it to be very clever).

And remember…..Meditation is an exercise or “work” for the mind/ego. Why we are meditating in the first place is to keep the chattering mind silence so that we can begin to see beyond the veil. Meditation isn’t the enlightenment we are looking for. But it definitely helps us get there.

By that I don’t mean we are waiting at the bottom of a hierarchical ladder waiting to be promoted by another hierarchic being or beings. What we are looking for as God or Source is already within and around us!! It is the energy that keeps everything in existence, it’s the air that we breath, the life force of everything. It’s the energy in the Sun, Moon, trees, birds, flowers etc..etc. Source is in every atom and every bit of everything. It is the very thread or the glue that keeps us all together.

God is existence and you exist! Can you see you already are what you are looking for? You cannot be without God even if you wanted to. Your Enlightenment is becoming aware of that. Just knowing that you are one with God/ Source. Just be at peace, joy and in love knowing that you are!

With all my love


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