Are you still blissfully inside the bubble?

If you own the latest, most luxurious, pristine car with the most powerful engines created by the most skilled engineers on planet, parked inside a well-protected glass show room; and if you never take it out of that show room and drive it around the real roads; how will you ever know how good it is? It surely looks fabulous inside the show room, but if you never take it on a test drive no matter how expensive or good it is; it will just be a show piece that looks good inside a glass room. But that’s not the purpose of a prestigious powerful car is it? Continue reading


This journey is within you and only within you.

journey within
We are all on the path to full consciousness, in fact we have always been. What makes mine different to anyone else’s is only the way how we perceive where we are on this path compared to each other. Every time you read, watch or hear someone else’s progress you tend to judge where you are relative to that other person and often beat yourself up about not having done enough or not being brave or good enough as the others. Continue reading